About Me


For 25 years I have been taking skip tracing assignments from agents of law enforcement departments, bail bond providers, bounty hunters, lawyers and regular people, just like you. The adjective “regular” is certainly not meant to be condescending in any way. All I am trying to say is that the reasons for wanting to locate a person are not always linked to an arrest warrant.

In fact, nearly half of my clients are in no way or form connected with a law enforcement agency and their subjects are in no sense involved in criminal activities. If you are wondering why then would anybody pay to have somebody found, I will give you several answers to this question.

  • Let me take the example of a person who was adopted as a child, it is normal for this individual to wonder about his/her birth parents.
  • Similarly, couples who gave up their child for adoption as a wee infant may want to know how their offspring flourished in life after several decades of the adoption.
  • Along the same lines is the need for information that is necessitated out of a recent diagnosis of a genetic illness. A lot of people want to take preemptive measures to prevent or treat ailments with genetic links. But for this, they first need to know about such maladies.
  • Then, there are instances when people are driven by the desire to know more about their ancestors.

I have helped in these cases and other by recreating the tree of a family or by getting contact details of blood relations and distant family members. Similarly, I have handled a lot of cases for corporate and non-corporate entities. In fact, I continue to do so. These clients include:

  • Denton County Sheriff’s Department
  • International Genealogy Research
  • Cushing Forensic Research
  • The Locators Ltd


I also undertake assignments pro bono for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. So, I don’t just find the relatives of the living but also of those individuals who now deceased but their family members are unaware of their demise. The volume of cases I have handled goes into several hundreds, which is why if you need skip tracing services, you should call me right away.

I also have a free report for you here: How to find any public records