Tuscaloosa AL Arrest Warrants Search

Whenever local authorities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, consider that they have enough evidence to send an individual to jail, they need to show a sitting judge of the local court a “probable cause” for the arrest. Once the sitting judge can verify the existence of this probable cause clearly, he will then issue an arrest warrant. Soon after the judge signs the warrant, the document will turn into an active arrest warrant. This will immediately empower the law enforcement officers to arrest and detain the individual.

Another essential aspect that needs to be given attention here is that an arrest warrant active in Tuscaloosa County, AL, will not necessarily have any legal force in other states and counties. Moreover, if the police cannot find the individual whose name is on the warrant promptly, the warrant will become an outstanding warrant.

By accessing this link https://www.tcsoal.org/arrest-db, you can verify if someone you know currently has an arrest warrant on his name in this County of Alabama. Incarcerated criminals’ records are also to be found following the same link. The Tuscaloosa County Sherriff’s Office also provides interested people with information concerning the sex offenders in the area at this link http://www.sheriffalerts.com/cap_main.php?office=53527.

More than 80,000 crimes occurred in Tuscaloosa, AL, within 1999 – 2008, out of which about 9 percent were violent. Every year, this county’s residents face more than 8,000 crimes (murders, rapes, and thefts). Almost 50 percent of these crimes happen less than a mile from the victims’ home. Also, on average, every 60 minutes, someone falls victim to a crime in this County.