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If you have an Alabama active arrest warrant out in your name it is only a matter of time before you are arrested. In fact, the financial and legal ramifications of being arrested by the police when a warrant has been issued in your name are far greater than those of simply turning yourself in. So, if you believe that a past, legal infraction may have resulted in the issue of an arrest order, it would be best to get information on the matter at the earliest.

While you can enlist the help of an attorney to gather information on all active and outstanding warrants against you, this approach can be expensive.So go for it only if you are very sure that there is indeed an arrest order in the system against you.

Because an active arrest warrant is exclusively issued by the sitting magistrate of a court in the county that has jurisdiction in criminal matters after due deliberation on case related facts, you can be reasonably sure that if there is an arrest warrant out in your name, there is enough evidence against you to believe that you were involved in the incident.

An active arrest warrant issued in the state of Alabama is a written directive issued by the court to bring a person in to stand trial for his crimes. The detention order never goes out of effect, so you can be arrested even a decade after a warrant is issued. Also, the document can be used to make an arrest at anytime and from any place.

Looking for information on active arrest warrants in Alabama

The Alabama State Crime History Information Center does not offer data on active arrest warrants. So, there are only two sources for this information:you can contact the local sheriff’s office or enlist the help of a third party records vendor.

The official route will certainly work for people who are not seeking personal warrant information.Simply put, it would be a grave error to walk into a precinct demanding data on active arrest warrants in your name because if such an order has been issued, you will be taken into custody at once. Also, the local sheriff’s department may not be forthcoming about active arrest warrants issued in felonies and they certainly won’t offer details on arrest orders issued in other counties or states.

In some counties, it is possible to get information on outstanding warrants from the official website of the Sherriff’s department. To reach the webpage of the sheriff of a particular county click the county name with the word “sheriff” and the search engine will take you the the desired site.

Take into account that you will still need to do a fair bit of rummaging to find the information you need. While some law enforcement agencies do not offer data on arrest warrants, others list them in varying categories. For instance, on the site of Calhoun County Sherriff’s Department outstanding warrant list is featured under the notifications section while the Montgomery Sherriff’s Office only offers a phone number for people who require this information.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with the warrant clerk in the county sheriff’s office in person. You can find the phone number of the clerk listed on the site of the agency, get in touch and request information on the procedure for warrant searches.

Although the sheriff’s department will not charge you for a warrant search, the official approach is undoubtedly cumbersome. Instead, you could simply use a third party site to access crime history information from all over the state of Alabama and the country. In fact, these databases will also provide details on convictions, charges and sentences.