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If you are looking for information on an offender incarcerated in one of the correctional facilities across the state of Alabama, you need only refer to the state’s department of corrections website.The Alabama DOC offers a multitude of services in the interest of community safety and the inmate locator program is just one of them.

In order to find out accurate details about a prisoner, you will need the AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial) number of the convict, his/her first and last name. Through the online tool on the DOC site, you can details about the race, gender, name, AIS number of the inmate along with the name of the facility that he/she is incarcerated in and the sentence related data such as parole and release dates.

Using the DOC website for an inmate search

Start your search on the main page of the department’s website at Simply type in all the detail you have about the criminal. While the AIS number is the most efficient way to look for inmates and will bring back 100% accurate results, this information will generally only be available to the family members/loved ones of the convict through DOC official communication.

However, even if you do not have the AIS number; you can simply use the first or the last name of the person to conduct a search. Insert the relevant data and hit search to be directed to the results page.Here, you will see a table that offers all the information on prisoners that match your search criteria.

Remember only 50 results will be displayed on the page at a time, so if you are using a generic query parameter like thelast name, you may very well have to scroll through 100 or more names. Of course the AIs number is a unique identification code given to every inmate in the Alabama prison system, so it offers the fastest way to conduct an inmate search.

Because, the Alabama DOC does not provide a mug shot of the convict with the other details on the results page, it can be hard to trace an offender by name alone. However, once you do find the prisoner you are looking for, it should not be too arduous to locate his/her whereabouts in the correctional system.

From the results page, you will find out about the facility that the offender is being held in.On the left side of the webpage, there are several options including a PDF map of all the facilities managed by the Alabama DOC and a list of correctional centers along with their addresses. Click on one of these options to get the address of the prison that the inmate is being held in. While you are at it, do not forget to call the facility and inquire about their visitation rules.

This is particularly important for maximum security prisons as they are frequently in lockdown and do not allow visitors.

It is also imperative to understand that the DOC website only offers data on inmates who are incarcerated in state prisons. This means that in all likelihood, you will not get information about under trial offenders and those who are serving a less than one year prisoners as they will usually be lodged in a county jail.

If you cannot seem to get your hands on the details you need, contacting the local justice agency or law enforcement office is always an option. They will be able to tell you about the facility that an inmate is being held in and about the visitation rights and rules of the center.Also, you can get in touch with the DOC directly by calling on 334-353-3883.

Apart from inmate search, the Department of Corrections also offers a range of other community service facilities including information on paroles, escapes and inmates on death row.