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In Jefferson County, the Clerk of Court’s Office serves as the assimilation point for all judicial records sourced from every tribunal that works in the area, except for those which are not required to keep court dockets. This agency performs the vital function of storing these judicial records and handles their disclosure to state agencies and civilians.

In order to gather Jefferson County court dockets, deputies are posted at various courthouses who report back to the agency with the low down on the day to day occurrences at the tribunal. Information on every case is noted regardless of the dispute at its root. To put it simply, this agency not only maintains judicial records that are linked to criminal matters but also civil court documents.

This means that the simplest way to launch a case search in Jefferson County, AL, is to visit the clerk of court’s department. They have a separate division to handle requests pertaining to judicial records coming from civilians. But, if you want, you could also conduct the investigation on your own; that is what the public service terminals are meant for.

The best part is that you get all the Jefferson County court dockets that you need without paying a dime for them, unless you want to carry this information back home with you in the form of printed documents. If you are looking for a broader search, you could also use the website of the Alabama Courts at

This web portal serves as the online information disclosure point of the entire judicial network of the state. So, not only can you find judicial records from Jefferson County but also the rest of the state. For in person, inquiries you can go to the District Court and the Circuit Court in Bessemer both of which are at 1852 2nd Ave N, #130 1801 Third Ave N Bessemer, AL 35020.

There are other divisions of the district court that work in different areas of the county, but this would be a good starting point. Alternatively, you can visit the clerk of court’s office at the same address. The advantage here is that the probate judge also sits in the same judicial complex. So, you can find multiple judicial records with a single visit.