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Madison County judicial records are available for all as long as you approach the correct agency to get your hands on the court documents you want. Multiple options are currently being provided for a case search, including an online tool that works for all judicial entities in the state of Alabama.

Apart from this, applicants have the provisions to visit any of the centers and offices of the judiciary to access Madison County court dockets. The preliminary information needed to launch a case search is basic and includes the subject’s full name, including any aliases and the assigned number of the case, if you are only seeking details pertaining to a specific legal matter.

Also, you will have to tell them the year from which and to which the search should be conducted. The tribunals in the county and the department of the clerk also encourage applicants to offer additional data pertaining to the subject, like the birth date and the social security number to weed out incorrect results.

You can touch base with the agency in person when requesting judicial records from Madison County, AL or elect to have the court documents mailed to you. An alternate way is to make use of the public service systems, which can be found at the clerk of court’s office. These systems are connected with the court dockets database.

The search can be conducted free of charge or you may have to pay a small charge, depending on the agency you connect with and the medium of search used. To launch a case search for Madison County, AL, you will only have to go to one location: 100 N Side Square, Rm 821 Courthouse Huntsville, AL 35801. The judicial complex houses the district and the circuit tribunals along with the offices of the county clerk and the county recorder.