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The Alabama Courts web portal can also be used to find Mobile County court dockets as with the judicial records from the other geographical divisions of the state. The area specific portal can be accessed at You can use the site to find information on cases that were handled by the trial courts in the county.

When starting an online case search for Mobile County, AL, you should keep details such as the name of the subject and his date of birth with you along with the case number if the court documents you seek are connected to a certain legal matter. Applicants are also encouraged to provide the SSN of the person who is under investigation to rule out the chances of mistaken identity.

To get an inquiry on judicial records from Mobile County undertaken, you will need to clarify the year from which you would like to start searching. For instance, you will need to provide a specific time period such as 1999-2009, or something along those lines. In person inquiries are entertained by the tribunals as well as the clerk of court’s department of Mobile County.

The Circuit Court can be contacted at 205 Government Plaza #913 Mobile, AL 36644-2936 from 8 am to 5 pm. This tribunal deliberates on legal matters pertaining to felony charges and civil suits where the amount under litigation is above $10,000. You will not be given access to sealed records or information on juvenile criminal proceedings.

The District Court is also located at the same address, which means that you could also find out about misdemeanor proceedings initiated in the name of the subject as well as civil actions below $10,000.

With both tribunals, to conduct a criminal case search for Mobile County, you will be asked to furnish the name of the person against whom the inquiry is launched, possibly his date of birth and SSN and the year for searching. The recording office of the clerk of court’s department of Mobile County, AL works out of 101 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama 36002.