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A Montgomery County case search is the perfect way to find details on the involvement of a subject in criminal matters as well as civil cases. Depending on the agency that you connect with to find the judicial records, you can get information from one tribunal or multiple courts in the area.

It is also possible to scour through the court dockets for Montgomery County as well as the rest of Alabama State if you use the online service available at The case search tool is designed to provide access to court documents for civil as well as criminal tribunals. Furthermore, you can also find out about probate and small claims cases.

A Montgomery County case search can be started on the basis of multiple inquiry criteria such as the name of the subject, the name of the attorney or the case number. At least, for investigations that pertain to criminal court dockets, you will be asked to provide additional details such as the date of the birth of the person who is being investigated.

This helps to limit the possibility of errors in the results, which would otherwise have multiple entries of people and offenders with the same name as the subject. To approach a judicial entity for your case search, you can write to the administrative department of the Circuit Court at PO Box 1667 251 S Lawrence Montgomery, AL 36102-1667. The District Court can also be contacted through this postal address.

The probate judge sitsat Montgomery County PO Box 223 Montgomery, AL 36195, while the clerk of court’s office of Montgomery County is located at 100 S Lawrence, Rm 206 Montgomery, AL 36104. The county clerk is responsible for the collection and the disclosure of all judicial records as well as publicly available information such as details pertaining to birth, death, marriage and property ownership.