Three Alabama Cities are Ranked Most Dangerous

A popular internet site has recently released its list of the 100 most dangerous places to live in America. Cities with more than 25,000 residents were ranked according violent crimes per 1,000 people. The state of Alabama found three of its cities on this list. Bessemer, Birmingham, and Gadsden each occupy places on the list.

In the state as a whole, residents have a higher than normal chance of being the victim of a violent crimes. Violent crimes include rape, murder, robbery, and other crimes that harm or threaten a person’s body. Alabama residents were also more likely to be victims of theft, burglary, and other property crimes. Nearly five out of every 100 people in Alabama becomes a victim of property crimes which are characterized as an interference with a person’s property ownership.

The website compiled FBI statistics for many of the larger cities in America.
Bessemer came in at #7, the highest rank of cities in Alabama. In the city of Bessemer, 2 out of every 100 people fall victim to violent crime and they have a 12% chance being the victim of a property crime. The city of Birmingham landed at #20; for its size, it was found to be one of the most dangerous cities in the whole country. Almost 9 residents out of 100 are victimized by Birmingham’s criminal population. Gadsden slid into the countdown at #87, though according to the website that reported the data, it too is one of the most dangerous cities of its size.