University Tagged as Unsafe only for Media Sensationalism!

President of Alabama A & M Says the University Tagged as Unsafe only for Media Sensationalism!

Alabama A&M gained notoriety when a report that analyzed college campus crime figures branded the Huntsville campus of the university as the second most dangerous in the country. In response, the President wrote a 700 word letter refuting the claims and stating that the methods used for analysis were skewed and flawed which led the researchers to conclude that 150 criminal incidents had occurred on the campus between 2013 and 2014.

The President of AL A & M, Andrew Hugine suggests that the real number hovers around the 25 incident mark and this would include every criminal instance in the Clery Act. He says that the exaggerated figure resulted from the fact that reporters made no distinction between serious criminal acts such as manslaughter, aggravated assault, forcible sexual offenses and trivial misdoings such as liquor violations that would only earn disciplinary action.

The disparity in figures would reveal vastly different scores. Hugine said that only 11 criminal incidents were reported to the FBI and the Post Secondary Educations’ Office of Campus Safety. Through the letter, which could be deemed as an official statement, the university has clarified that crime rates have been dropping consistently across all incident categories and that they are committed to enhancing campus safety and reducing crime rates at Alabama A&M.