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An active arrest warrant issued in Autauga County, AL does authorize the police to arrest the individual against whom the order has been issued on the spot. However, such detention is not supposed to be indefinite and after processing the person taken into custody he/she has to be presented before the court at the earliest.

Because the judiciary and the police work closely for the issue and execution of the warrant and the legal procedure that follows, both agencies maintain all records pertaining to outstanding warrants. So, if you are looking for arrest records, start with the sheriff’s office.

The office of the agency can be found on 162 West 4th Street, Prattville, Alabama 36067. Call them on 334-361-2500. You can call them on 334-358-6800 for all ancillary information associated with arrest warrants; however, do not expect them to convey the results of your inquiry over the phone.

A second option is to choose judicial sources; these include the magistrate’s office as well as the county clerk. Both judicial entities maintain their own set of court dockets which have detailed information on the various cases that are presented before the court. To visit the clerk of court or the magistrate’s office, drive down to 134 N Court St, Prattville, AL, 36067.

There has been an alarming increase of 100% in the rate of crime in Autauga County, AL between 1999 and 2008. The impact of this has been felt across specific crime figures as well as in the overall safety quotient of the area. On an average, almost 1500 crimes are reported in the county each year of which 8% are violent.

The daily crime average stands at 4 incidents and in most cases the crime occurs when the victim is within a one mile radius of his office or home. If this burgeoning growth is not arrested in time, chances are that the annual crime rate of Autauga may very well hit 2000 incidents.

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