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If you are interested in a Conecuh County arrest warrant search, it will help you know how detention orders are processed and flow through AL’s judicial system. This will help you approach an appropriate government agency right off the bat instead of going for the trial and error method. It should also be understood here that every state department has its specialty for criminal history data.

For example, most people would point you in the direction of the sheriff’s office when you need details on arrest records and outstanding warrants. The department’s deputies affect arrests under legal orders and place the request that eventually leads to active warrants in Conecuh County. So, if you are hunting down information on anything crime related, the police will offer an extensive amount of data on the matter.

The other two state agencies that can also help you with any inquiry on arrest warrants include the magistrate’s office and the county clerk’s department. The former is the authority that has the power to issue warrants. The latter keeps judicial records in the court dockets repository so that you will find details on Conecuh County arrest records and orders from them. These agencies work out of:

    • The sheriff: Jackson St Courthouse Square, Evergreen, Alabama 36401
    • The magistrate: 111 Court St, Evergreen, AL 36401
  • The clerk of court: P.O. Box 149, Evergreen, Alabama 36401

In Conecuh County, Alabama, only about 180 criminal occurrences are reported each year. While the overall crime rate seems low, the figures of violent criminal incidents at 10% of the annual model match those of the state’s other geographical areas. Unfortunately, these numbers seem to rise if the 44% increase in violent crime rates is considered for residents.

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