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Upon arresting an individual in Mobile, Alabama, local authorities need to bring enough evidence against him in the court of law. The sitting judge needs to analyze the evidence and decide whether a valid reason exists to proceed with the individual’s arrest and detention. If the court of law does not identify a valid reason for the arrest, then the arrest will not occur. If a valid reason does exist, then the sitting judge will issue an arrest warrant in the individual’s name.

The moment the judge will sign and approve the arrest warrant, it will become an active warrant. The law enforcement authorities will then be able to arrest the individual mentioned in the warrant.

Suppose you are interested in finding out whether an active arrest warrant is issued on your name in Mobile County, Alabama, or want to find information on someone’s arrest records. In that case, you can contact the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office at (251) 574-2423‎ or the Mobile Police Department at (251) 208-7211‎.

As a side note, you should know that the warrants that remain active for too long in Mobile and have not been executed turn into outstanding warrants.

If you are also looking to find out who is currently incarcerated in Mobile, AL, you can visit this official link of the Mobile County Sherriff’s Office and get the information you need. Sex offenders are also under the Sherriff’s Office’s vigilant watch here, and this link should provide you with access to an extensive database of sex offenders.

More than 200,000 crimes were reported in Mobile County between 1999 and 2008, out of which 8 percent were reported as being violent. Half of all the crimes that occur during a year in this County happen less than a mile from home, and one could fall victim to murder, rape, or theft every 24 minutes on average.

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