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Shelby County, AL sitting judges play the important role of turning a police arrest warrant into an active arrest warrant by approving it with their signatures. The approval comes as a result of the evidence provided to them against the person to whom the warrant is addressed, or as a result of the existence of a “plausible cause” that can be verified by the judge. The person then becomes liable for arrest and he or she will be incarcerated by the Shelby County, AL law enforcement officers. The next step will see the arrested citizen appearing in the courthouse.

Just like active arrest warrants in other Alabama counties, Shelby warrants will be considered outstanding if the person to whom the arrest warrant is directed to is not found, causing the police to not serve the arrest warrant in a timely manner.

You can easily check out the list of Shelby County arrest warrants that are active by visiting this link or this link to visualize a database of the most wanted criminals that currently have warrants on their names. If you are interested in doing an inmate lookup, you could use this official link provided by the Shelby County Sherriff’s Office in Alabama and see who is being currently incarcerated there.

Reported crime rate in Shelby County, Alabama has increased by 99 percent between 1999 and 2008, and violent crime also saw a shocking increase of 98 percent. However, the number of total crimes in this County is low in comparison to other Counties in Alabama. Every 4 hours, Shelby County residents confront with a crime and about one thousand murders, thefts and rapes happen less than a mile from the victim’s house. This is why looking up arrest records for the people you do not fully trust and who live in Alabama should pose a great deal of interest to you.

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