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An arrest warrant must legally precede any arrest in Madison County. A sitting judge issues a valid arrest warrant in Madison County after a probable reason for it is found. Once the cause is verified, the judge would then officially sign the warrant. Once the warrant is signed, it would then become an active arrest warrant.

The local police authorities will use warrants that are active to search and arrest criminals when they are found. They will also be responsible for their detention inside the Madison County jail. If too much time passes by since the warrant has been issued and an arrest warrant has not been served, the warrant becomes an outstanding warrant. Warrants in Madison County, AL, can also become outstanding when the person to whom the individual warrant is being directed is nowhere to be found by the police.

In case you are interested in finding information on warrants and arrest records in Madison County, you may click on this link featuring Madison’s most wanted criminals. However, you cannot access the database concerning the sex offenders in this County, but you can use this link to see the list of all adult sex offenders in Alabama.


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  • For active warrants information, call 256-532-3413.
  • For recent arrests data and prisoner arrest records, call 256-519-4800.
  • For details about a criminal complaint you filed by, call 256-532-3412.
  • For general information or to submit a non-emergency complaint, call 256-722-7181.
  • For answers to questions about civil procedures, such as bench warrants, call 256-532-3421.
  • For criminal case court dates and criminal judicial records, call 256-532-3373.
  • For victim-witness services, call 256-532-3460.


Crime statistics of Madison County

In 2019, the Madison Sheriff’s Department dealt with nearly 2400 criminal complaints. Of these, more than 2000 were non-violent crimes, while around 400 were violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included over 1300 larceny thefts, 486 burglaries, and 215 motor vehicle thefts. Of the reported violent offenses, 300 were aggravated assaults, 46 were rapes and 42 were robberies.

Almost every 40 minutes, a citizen from Madison, Alabama, falls victim to a crime, and there are over 13,000 crimes reported every year in this county. Fifty percent of these crimes happen less than a mile from home, and murders, thefts, and rapes are the major crimes that occur here. Out of these, thefts are prevalent. The years 1999 – 2008 recorded more than 135,000 crimes in Madison County.


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