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Along with third parties, you should also look into conducting an arrest warrant search in Cleburne County, AL in your name. In fact, even if you were never involved in the commissioning of illicit acts, such an inquiry can tell you if somebody has been using your name and identity for nefarious activity.

If you do believe that an arrest warrants was issued in your name, it would be a grave error to assume that just because the order is a few years old, it no longer holds any power. Active warrants from Cleburne County will remain in the police database in an executable state for as long as it takes to apprehend the accused.

If arrests have not been made in certain cases, this can be attributed to other more important matters that the sheriff’s office has had to deal with or the fact that the deputies of the department have not been able to find the offender.However, just because you have not been detained as yet, does not mean that you can rule out this eventuality all together.

Instead, do the right and safer thing and approach a lawyer. Your attorney will be able to find information on any outstanding warrants and arrest records in your name through the sources below. Alternatively, you could fill the form on top of this page and look at the crime history information stored in the linked database.

  • Law enforcement agency: 120 Vickery St, Heflin, Alabama 36264
  • The county magistrate: 120 Vickery St, Heflin, AL 36264
  • The clerk of court: 120 Vickery St. Rm. 101, Heflin, Alabama 36264

Each year approximately 250 criminal cases are filed in Cleburne County, Alabama. However, fewer than 24 of these are against violent criminal acts. Yet, the crime scenario in the area looks worrisome given the over 80% increase in the rates of violent and reported crimes.

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