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The issue of an active arrest warrant is what logically follows a police investigation in Tallapoosa County, AL. A warrant for arrest is nearly an order issued by the local criminal court at the sheriff’s department’s request or the crime victim.

To request a warrant, the police approach the court with a writing complaint that presents all facts available in the case. So, the department has all information about arrest records and outstanding arrest warrants. To access this data, you will necessarily have to visit the sheriff’s office in person at 316 Industrial Park Dr, Dadeville, Alabama 36853.

You can find out about the warrant search as well as the criminal background check procedure by connecting with the law enforcement agency.

If you would rather receive this information through a judicial branch, contact the county clerk’s office at Judge Of Probate, Dadeville, Alabama 36853. Because they keep a record of all court-issued orders, you can conduct a warrant search through them.

Finally, get in touch with the magistrate’s court that has issued the warrant in Tallapoosa. They are based at 125 S Broadnax St, Dadeville, AL 36853.


How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Tallapoosa  County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Want to obtain arrest records- Contact the Sheriff’s Office at (256) 825-4264.
  • Need to obtain criminal case records- Contact the Clerk of Court’s office at (256) 825-1098.
  • Want more information about victim aid- Contact the District Attorney’s Office at (256) 234-3741.


Crime statistics of Tallapoosa County

Tallapoosa County’s yearly crime average decreased by 6% in 2019, reaching 130 incidents. The rate of violent crime stood at 15 instances. Throughout the year, the police handled 4 occurrences of rape and 10 cases of serious assault. Larceny-theft accounted for nearly 80 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for 28 of them.

A scrutiny of the crime rates for Tallapoosa County, AL, reveals that while the average for anti-social activities was in two digits in 1999, it had increased by almost 70% till 2008 to reach above 100 incidents.

Older crime statistics

Each year, nearly 1200 crimes are reported in the area, and an alarming 11% of these incidents were violent crimes. Every day, almost four incident reports are filed with the police, and in more than 50% of these cases, the crime occurs when the victim is close to his home or office.

Between 1999 and 2008, there were 11,865 total crimes reported in Tallapoosa County, Alabama (1,341 violent). Of the 1,187 crimes per year in Tallapoosa County, close to 50% transpire less than one mile from home. On average, someone is a victim of a crime in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, every 7 hours. This includes 18 murders, 105 rapes, and just about nine thousand thefts (including 417 car thefts).

In the most recent ten years, crime data were available in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, for ten years. Throughout that period, reported crime in Tallapoosa County has risen by 48%. Throughout that same period, violent crime climbed by 69%. By and large, the crime data indicate a general rise in crime over the last ten years in Tallapoosa County. If the current trend continues, predicted crime numbers could hit at least one thousand for Tallapoosa County, Alabama, in 2009.

04 and 06 very low cr in double digits but 07 and 08 very gh

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