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For a warrant search in Winston County, Alabama, it would be prudent to approach a state government branch. However, this is not an option for people who have an outstanding warrant in their name. Not only an offense but also an attempt to gather information from a state department will get a person with an active warrant against him in a lot of trouble.

For one, the individual risks immediate arrest. If the order is a bench warrant, detention can be avoided by posting the bail amount mentioned on the decree. However, in case of a warrant issued in a felony, there is no such scope since release can only be secured after a formal bail hearing in such matters.

Given the impact of a warrant on an individual’s freedom of movement, the court exercises extreme diligence when issuing such orders. Such a decree is never issued unless the police file an affidavit notifying the tribunal of the crime and the role that the accused has played in it. This information has to be enough to establish probable cause. Only then will an active warrant be issued.

Also, Winston County’s arrest records and details about all outstanding warrants, as well as those that have already been served, are maintained by the police and the judiciary. So, for a warrant search through the law enforcement agency, you can head to the office of the sheriff, which is located at 11 Blake Drive Rm# 6, PO Box 10, Double Springs, Alabama 35553-0010

To look for information on Winston arrest warrants through the judiciary, you can go to:

  • The office of the magistrate: 11 Blake Dr, Double Springs, AL 35553
  • The office of the clerk of court: Main Street, Double Springs, Alabama 35553

With less than 300 crimes being reported in Winston County, Al per annum, it can be suggested that this is one of the safer areas of the state. However, this trend may not continue as there has been a rise of well over 90% in both violent and reported crime through the decade that ended in 2008.

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