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Would you like to conduct a warrant search in Butler County, Alabama? If you answered that question with “yes” but are unwilling to drive down to the sheriff’s office or the local courthouse, you will find it very hard to get your hands on this data. Only third party vendors offer information about arrest warrants online.

You can access a private database of arrest records from Butler County by filling the form above; however, background reports have to be notarized often, and a state agency can only do this. So, if you need a personal crime history check done before you hire a person, you will have to go to one of the state departments mentioned below:

  • The sheriff: 700 Court Sq, Greenville, Alabama 36037; tel no: 334-382-6521
  • The county clerk: P.O. Box 756, Greenville, Alabama 36037; tel no: 205-382-3512
  • The magistrate: As given above; tel no: 334-382-7166

The police will offer precise information on any outstanding warrants issued against the subject and many generic data like a most-wanted list and the county’s crime averages.

The magistrate’s office is a good source of information on specific cases, whether civil or criminal. You can gather details on the various legal instruments issued in a matter such as search warrants, bench warrants, and more.

The county clerk’s office maintains information about criminal and noncriminal cases in the court dockets. So, if a local tribunal heard a matter, you are bound to find records about active warrants issued in the case through this agency.

Of the nearly 650 criminal incidents recorded in Butler County, AL every year, only about 9% are occurrences that can be categorized as violent crimes. From 1999 to 2008, there was a significant increase in violent crime of almost 50%, and the low single-digit drop in the incident rates of reported crime could certainly not offset this rise.

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