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To conduct an arrest warrant search in Wilcox County, AL, you can go to the police station, the magistrate’s office, or the county clerk’s department. The law enforcement agency and the judicial departments have their specific roles in issuing these orders for arrests.

Let us consider them part of the cops in procuring Wilcox County active warrants. The petition that forms the basis of the pre warrant hearing comes from the office of the sheriff. This affidavit contains all the information that the judiciary would need to call on the accused’s guilt.

The magistrate’s office has the authority to rule in the matter, but the decision on whether to grant an active warrant or not cannot be made haphazardly. Only if probable cause is established will the magistrate sign the arrest warrant putting it into effect.

Information on Wilcox County arrest records and outstanding warrants is also kept by the county clerk’s office that maintains the court dockets’ repository. To get in touch with the agencies mentioned above to collect criminal history information, you can go to/write to:

  • The sheriff: 12 Water St, Camden, Alabama 36726
  • The magistrate: 201 Monroe St, Montgomery, AL 36104
  • The clerk of court: 100 Broad St, Camden, Alabama 36726

Wilcox County, Alabama, has an annual crime average of fewer than 100 incidents, and of these, about 20% of the cases filed are against violent crimes. The low occurrence rates put the area in one of the state’s geographical divisions with the most “in control” crime scene. However, this may not hold in the future if the police fail to address the almost 60% growth seen in reported criminal acts and the rise of 30% in violent criminal complaints.

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