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While active warrants will eventually lead to arrests, not all detained people get convicted and sent to jail. The ratio of conviction versus acquittal is fifty-fifty. So, although all warrants are served, many detainees are released on bail, and others are found not guilty by the court. This should be considered when looking at the results of an arrest warrant search from Fayette County, AL.

If every outstanding warrant were to lead to a prison term, the state correctional facilities would have long since run out of room. However, this is no reason to underestimate the powers of an arrest warrant. Remember that warrants have the backing of the police as well as the judiciary.

So, they allow police officers to exert additional powers when it comes to making arrests. For example, unlike other judicial provisions like search orders, etc., which have a fixed period of validity, outstanding warrants stay in effect for as long as it takes to apprehend the accused.

Also, arrest warrants are not limited to the issuing county; this means that they can be served in any part of the country. Finally, it should also be considered that the police cannot overturn detentions effected under an active warrant’s powers. The arrestee will only be released when the court grants him freedom under a bond. In Fayette County, arrest records and warrants information is offered by:

  • The police: 113 1st Ave W, Fayette, Alabama 35555
  • The judiciary: 102 2nd Ave NE, Fayette, AL 35555
  • The clerk of court: 113 N. Temple Ave, Fayette, Alabama 35555


Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Fayette County? (By 2021)

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office for information on arrests- (205) 932-3205.
  • Contact Fayette PD for recent arrests affected by them- (205) 932-5312.
  • Call the Victim’s Advocate to access Victim/Witness Services- (205) 932-6349.
  • Contact the Clerk of Circuit Court for judicial records and a case search- (205) 932-4617.


Crime statistics of Fayette County

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department received 74 criminal complaints in 2019. Save for 2, all other cases filed were against property crimes. The 2 complaints in the violent crimes category were against assault and rape. The complaints in the property crime category were against 27 larceny thefts, 32 burglaries, and 13 car thefts.

A distinct, rising trend in violence and overall crime was seen from 2001 through 2008 for Fayette County, Alabama. While the former increased by almost 20%, the latter showed a growth of 38%. In this period, the annual crime average for the area was around 280 incidents.

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