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Applicants interested in information on active warrants from Covington County, Alabama, will find very little data on the subject offered online. The only entities providing access to arrest records from the area and information on outstanding warrants through the internet are privately managed databases.

Although these work well enough when you merely want to find out if a person you know was ever involved in any nefarious acts, they are of no use when it comes to official investigations.

For instance, if you intend to use the information for employment purposes, you will have to go through a government agency. The state departments that you can approach for a Covington County warrant search are:

  • The sheriff’s department: 290 Hillcrest Dr, Andalusia, Alabama 36420
  • The court that issued the active warrant: 1K Court Square North, Andalusia, AL 36420
  • The county clerk’s office that maintains the court dockets: PO Box 188, Andalusia, Alabama 36420

All of these agencies follow a legally prescribed procedure when disseminating information about active warrants and arrest records. Applicants are expected to make a formal request in writing for such data. Also, a fee is charged to cover the printing costs, etc., incurred by the state agency. If the background report needs to be notarized, there will be additional charges for this.

Information on arrest warrants from Covington County can be found with all three agencies mentioned above; plus, you can get a wealth of additional data on the criminal activity in the area from these sources. For instance, the sheriff’s office is an excellent place to find details on the county’s most wanted.

Similarly, the magistrate’s office will be able to furnish details on specific criminal matters that are still active in the judicial system and even those that have culminated in a guilty verdict or an acquittal. Finally, for civil records, the court’s office clerk will prove to be a valuable source.

Of the 800 crimes in Covington County, Alabama, almost 12% are violent every year. On average, two criminal incidents occur in the area every day. Despite reducing nearly 6% in the cumulative rates of violence and reported illegal activity, this has been the trend.

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