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To get a Crenshaw County, AL arrest warrant search done, you need only go to the sheriff’s office. The local law enforcement agency plays a crucial role in making arrests and procuring detention directives from the court. Because police officers are responsible for investigating a criminal incident, they must have all information about it.

Hence their role in dealing with criminal occurrences makes them the only entities that can offer details to the judiciary on what transpired and who had a hand in the act. This information is seldom conveyed verbally. A writ is prepared, which is submitted in court before the pre-warrant hearing can be scheduled.

Given the seriousness of active warrants from Crenshaw County, a court session is held almost immediately after receiving the application. If the magistrate finds merit in the evidence collected by the cops, an outstanding warrant is issued almost instantly. However, in some cases, the witnesses may have to be called in before the probable cause determination can be made.

So, when looking for information on arrest records and active warrants in Crenshaw County, there are two avenues that you can take. You could either approach the local sheriff’s office or get in touch with the judiciary. You can go to the magistrate’s office or the county clerk that keeps the court dockets for the latter.

  • The sheriff: PO Box 22, Luverne, Alabama 36049
  • The magistrate: 301 Glenwood Ave, Luverne, AL 36049
  • The clerk of court: 29 S Glenwood Ave, Luverne, Alabama 36049


Will state agencies provide arrest records or information on warrants issued in Crenshaw County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Questions on recent arrests: (334) 335-3860.
  • Criminal investigation and warrants-related inquiries: (334) 335-4850.
  • Questions pertaining to victim/witness assistance: (334) 382-7444.
  • Inquiries about criminal court records:  (334) 335-6575.


Crime statistics of Crenshaw County

Over 310 crimes were reported in Crenshaw County in 2019. A few over 45 of these were violent crimes, while the rest were property-related offenses. Criminal cases were filed against:

  • Assault-33
  • Rape-7
  • Robbery-6
  • Homicide-1
  • Theft-160
  • Burglary-70
  • Car theft-35

Older crime statistics

Crenshaw County, Alabama, has a low crime rate of just about 200 incidents per annum. Of these criminal acts, about 9% are violent. So, approximately 18 incident reports are filed each year against assaults, homicides, and rapes. Although these figures do not alarm at first glance, the fact remains that there has been a rise of over 70% in the rate of violent criminal acts.

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