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Both the judiciary and the police will be happy to undertake an arrest warrant search in Sumter County, Al, on your behalf. State agencies follow almost similar procedures when it comes to the dissemination of crime history data. Publicly available information, which will generally include arrest records from cases that have been disposed of in a guilty verdict, will be offered online.

Even if this information is not provided over the internet, it won’t take much to find out about arrests that have occurred in such cases, along with details on whether these were effected under the provisions of an active warrant. In contrast, if you are looking for data on outstanding warrants that are yet to be served, you may have an uphill task on your hands.

The simplest way to look for arrest records in Sumter County is to get in touch with a private agency that allows for online warrant searches. You can connect with one such agency by filling the form above. However, if you would instead take the official route, it would be easiest to approach the clerk of court’s office.

This agency is in charge of keeping the court dockets to have information on the trial right from when the pre-warrant hearing was held to when the matter reached its logical conclusion. Another advantage of approaching this judicial agency is that you can also find civil case records through them. To close the police, the magistrate, or the county clerk, go to:

  • The sheriff: 115 Franklin St, Livingston, Alabama 35470
  • The magistrate: 115 Franklin St, Livingston, AL 35470
  • The clerk of court: Po Box 1040, Livingston, Alabama 35470


Is it feasible to acquire information over the phone about Sumter County arrest warrants and recent arrests? (2021-Update)

  • 205-652-2841 – Sheriff’s Department, to know about arrests and warrants.
  • 205-652-9525- Livingston PD, to know about recent arrests made by them
  • 205-652-2291 Court Clerk, for judicial records-
  • 205-652-4119 – District Attorney’s Office, for victim’s assistance


Crime statistics of Sumter County

In 2019, the Sumter Sheriff’s Department dealt with 49 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 75 cases registered in 2018. These included 39 non-violent crimes and 10 violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included 15 larceny thefts, 21 burglaries, and 3 motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent offenses 8 were aggravated assaults, 1 was a rape and 1 was a robbery.

Between 2001 and 2008, nearly 2000 criminal complaints were lodged in Sumter County, Alabama. Of these incidents, about 30 cases were filed in matters about violence. Fortunately, there has been an impressive drop of over 250% in the area’s criminal incident rates.

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