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In Macon County, Alabama, active warrants are issued when the local police go to a tribunal’s magistrate that hears criminal matters with hard evidence against an individual. Arrest warrants are only released when the sitting judge establishes probable cause based on the sheriff’s office or the state prosecutor’s affidavit.

It is also worth mentioning that active warrants never go out of effect. Since such detention orders have a validity of nearly 100 years, it is highly improbable that one would expire within an accused’s lifespan. Also, an outstanding warrant from Macon County, AL, can be executed in any other county or state, depending on the crime’s gravity.

This means that once an active warrant is issued against a person, he/she is bound to get arrested at one time or another. Even a trivial matter like busting through a red light or a routine stop can get such a person in trouble since information about arrest warrants from Macon is accessible to police officers from all over the country.

If you are looking for arrest records or data on active warrants, you can approach three state agencies.

  • The police: Courthouse Ste #102 Box 20, Tuskegee, Alabama 36083
  • The county clerk: Same as above
  • The magistrate’s court: 101 Rosa Parks Plaza, Tuskegee, AL 36083

For a warrant search, you will have to visit the agency office and file a formal request. A small fee will also have to be incurred when making such an inquiry. Apart from this, the applicant will have to provide necessary details about the subject like his/her name, any aliases, gender, and race. Generally, it takes anywhere from a day to a week to get the results of the inquiry.


How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Macon County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at (334) 724-0669 for a warrant search.
  • Connect with the Macon County jail at (334) 727-2503 to learn about recent arrests.
  • Contact Tuskegee PD at (334) 727-0200 for arrests made by them.
  • Connect with the Victim’s Advocate at (334) 864-4316 to reach Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call the Clerk of Circuit Court at (334) 724-2614 to get criminal conviction and judicial records.


Crime statistics of Macon County

The Sheriff’s Office of Macon County handled approximately 87 criminal matters in 2019. Of the complaints filed, more than 65 were against property crimes, while the rest were against violent crimes.

Burglary was the most frequently occurring property crime, with 29 instances and larceny-theft came in second with 21 cases. Of the 19 cases filed against violent crimes, 12 were against assault, and 4 were against rape.

Almost 800 criminal complaints are brought before the office of the sheriff in Macon County each year. However, only about 9% of these cases are violent crimes, while the remaining figure is theft, robbery, and vandalism incidents. Through the ten years from 1999 to 2008, crime has increased by over 60% in the area.

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