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An active arrest warrant once issued in Coffee County, AL stays in effect without any time or geographical restrictions placed on it. This means that even a really old warrant in a person’s name can get one arrested. Also, depending on the nature of the crime, this arrest may not be restricted to the issuing county.

Undoubtedly, it would be best to gets the head up on any arrest orders in your name, so they can be dealt with at once.For information on detention decrees in your own name, it would be best to fill the form above and access a private database of crime information. This will cut down the risk of unwittingly ending up in a position where you could be placed under arrest.

On the other hand, if you seek this information on behalf of somebody you know, you can approach no less than three government agencies for arrest records.Of course, the very first place that people start when conducting a warrant search is the sheriff’s office.

You will find the head office of the law enforcement agency at 4 County Complex, New Brockton, Alabama 36351. They can not only provide information on outstanding arrest warrants issued through the local criminal court but will also be able to offer exhaustive information on the criminal history of the subject.

It is also possible to call them on 334-894-5535; however, no law agency in the country offers details on warrants unless you visit them in person, a photo ID in hand. The county clerk’s office follows the same and expects the applicants to show up personally to receive the records.

To visit the clerk of court, you will need to make your way to 201 Edward Street, Enterprise, Alabama 36330. Their contact number is 205-347-2688. The magistrate’s is another government authority that can offer information on warrant issues. Visit them at 230 Court Ave, Elba, AL 36323. Like the other sources mentioned above, you can also contact the magistrate’s office on the phone at 334-897-6000.

A look at the criminal activity in Coffee County, AL between 2000 to 20008 reveals that there has been a dismal growth in the overall crime average of just about 10%. However, this did not stop the violent crime rates from soaring by almost 40%.

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