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An arrest warrant is issued when a crime has been committed, and the judge finds probable cause to believe the alleged suspect committed the crime. Probable cause is the belief that the suspect probably committed the alleged crime based upon the facts submitted to the court. However, a bench warrant is issued when a suspect fails to appear for court, fails to pay a fine, or is otherwise in breach of a court order. The term bench warrant comes from the fact that the judge typically enters the warrant from the “bench.” Searching for active warrants in Cullman County will mean a trip to the county Clerk of Court’s office because there are no online resources for searching criminal records in Cullman County.

Cullman County, AL Courts

While there are several online state resources for searching active criminal cases, they require an account and charge a fee. However, you can personally go to the Clerk of Court’s office and request to search for active cases in arrest records databases or get information about closed criminal cases. The Circuit Court and the District Court can both issue arrest warrants for Cullman County. Therefore, you will need to search records for both courts. The office is in the Cullman County Courthouse, Room 303, located at 500 2nd Avenue SW, Cullman, AL 35055.

Cullman County – Office of the Sheriff

Once an arrest warrant is issued, it is sent to local law enforcement officers to execute and arrest the suspect. Therefore, searching for outstanding warrants through the county sheriff’s office is an excellent source of information. You should contact the warrants division for information on conducting a warrant search through their office. The office is located at 1910 Beech Avenue Southeast, Cullman, AL 35055. You may access a list of the most wanted on the Sheriff’s website.


How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Cullman County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Obtain details about active warrants by contacting the District Court at 256-775-4688.
  • Get information on arrests and jail records by calling the Cullman County Detention Center at 256-735-2400.
  • Access details about a criminal complaint by calling the Sheriff’s Office at 256-734-0342.
  • Access information about victim’s assistance by calling the Office of the District Attorney at 256-736-2800.
  • Get information about obtaining criminal judicial records by contacting the Clerk of Court- 256-775-4941.


Cullman County crime statistics

Owing to the decrease of 6% in Cullman County’s yearly crime average, the local police reported handling around 965 criminal complaints throughout 2019. Over 900 reports were filed against property offenses.

These included 235 burglaries, and 553 larceny-thefts that were reported as property offenses. Complaints against violent offenses involved 26 instances of assault and 23 of rape.

In Cullman County, AL doubled between 1999 and 2008, with crimes being reported every five hours. The large majority of crimes were related to property; however, approximately 815 violent crimes were committed during that time.

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