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An active arrest warrant is issued by a criminal court in Dale County, AL solely on the basis of the formal complaint filed with the judiciary. However, the sitting magistrate is obligated to ensure that there is probable cause to hold the person in question responsible for the crime before releasing the detention order.

All data regarding active detention orders that have recently been released as well as outstanding warrants that have been back logged into the system is stored with the police as well as the judiciary.

To get this information from your local law enforcement agency, you only need to formally make a request for arrest records by visiting Court Square Reynolds St, Ozark, Alabama 36360. Although you cannot expect to conduct a warrants search over the phone, if you need any information pertaining to the procedure for accessing these records, you can always call on 334-774-2335.

The sheriff’s department of Dale County also provides a list of the most wanted criminal in the county through their website at http://www.daleso.com/. This is a good source of information if you are trying to keep anti social element away from your home and place of work.

To gather warrant records from the county clerk, you will have to visit their office which is also located in the court square like the sheriff’s department. Calling this agency is also an option by dialing 334-774-2754 but once again warrant related information will only be handed to applicants who visit in person.

The magistrate’s office is the third option when looking for arrest details. They are situated on 202 Hwy 123, South Ozark, AL 36360 and they can be contacted at 334-774-2226.

Over the last couple of years, the crime scenario in Dale County, AL has progressively deteriorated showing an increase of almost 100%. Crime figures have gone up across as both property and violent crime categories follow a distinct upward trajectory. Of the 1000 criminal incidents that occur in Dale every year, most transpire no more than one mile from the victim’s home or office.

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