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Records about Marion County, Alabama, active warrants are stored in the judicial and law enforcement databases. Arrest warrants are released only after the police file a formal complaint with the local tribunal requesting such detention orders. The court considers the affidavit information and ensures probable cause in the case before a warrant is handed over to the investigating officers.

Upon receipt, the arrest order is rapidly served to ensure that the alleged offender does not have to the time escape from the law. However, often, despite the police exercising due diligence, the warrant cannot be executed. Such decrees are then stored in the FBI’s national criminal repository as outstanding warrants from Marion County.

These orders can then be executed even outside the issuing county and at any time in the future since arrest decrees issued in felonies remain valid for no less than 99 years. Because a formal warrant hearing occurs for these detention orders, the county clerk’s department also gets involved in the process.

This judicial agency is in charge of maintaining records of trial proceedings known as the court dockets, much like the police keep information about all criminal matters in the area, including the most wanted offenders. So, the sheriff’s office and the department of the clerk of court can both be approached for a Marion County warrant search.

Apart from this, you will also find details on case-specific arrest warrants from the magistrate’s office. To connect with these agencies, you will have to go to:

  • The office of the county clerk: Court Square, Hamilton, Alabama 35570
  • The office of the sheriff: 280 Winchester, Hamilton, Alabama 35570
  • The office of the magistrate: 132 Military St S, Hamilton, AL 35570


Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Marshall County? (2021- Update)

  • Queries about recent arrests: (256) 582-2034
  • Information about the help provided to crime victims: (256) 582-8113
  • Court dockets: (256) 571-7785 (Guntersville) or (256) 878-4515 (Albertville).


Crime statistics of Marshall County

In 2019, the annual crime rate of Marshall County increased by 25%. The yearly average went from 613 incidents in the previous year to nearly 460 cases. Of the complaints filed, 370 were against property crimes. Violent crimes led to approximately 90 complaints.

Since 2001, there has been a steady growth of almost 40% in the rate of violence and overall crime of Marion County, AL. At the end of the eight-year interval in 2008, nearly 500 crimes were being reported in the area annually. Of these, almost 10% were incidents that could be deemed as violent.

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