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In Barbour County, Alabama, a warrant search will bring back an extensive amount of information if you approach the correct government agency for it. Contrary to popular belief, not just the sheriff’s office but also several other state departments maintain arrest records and information about active warrants in various criminal and civil matters.

You could also go with a non-government agency like a third party online database if you merely need to know about any outstanding warrants against your subject without requiring a written report on his/her criminal background. Although this type of search is unofficial, the data provided by these privately maintained repositories is 100% accurate.

However, it cannot be used if you need the Barbour County arrest records to make a hiring decision. In this case, you will need to notify the job applicant of the background check and what the report stated, along with the agency’s name that furnished the information. Similarly, if you need to provide a notarized copy of your background check, you will have to go through an official government channel.

For information on arrest warrants, generic crime-related data like a list of the most wanted and even specific details like the arrest records of a particular individual, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 24 Robertson Airport Road, Clayton, Alabama 36016
  • The county clerk: Court Square, Clayton, Alabama 36016
  • The magistrate: 303 E Broad St, Eufaula, AL 36027

While the police will be able to provide a detailed criminal background report about the subject of your inquiry, the magistrate’s court will be able to help you with case-specific data. On the other hand, the clerk of the court’s department maintains records for both the civil and criminal tribunals. This agency can offer details on arrest orders issued in response to criminal complaints and bench warrants, which are detention decrees generally released in civil cases.

Barbour County has a reasonably low crime rate, with annual incidents rarely crossing the 400 incident threshold. However, nearly 200 of these crimes occur in close vicinity of the victim’s office or home, which has got most residents worried.

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