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Although active warrants for arrests show that the police are sitting on a sizeable amount of evidence against the accused, they should give you no reason to believe that the subject is guilty as charged. This is for the court to decide, and all people are considered innocent unless the judiciary convicts them. So, when you get the report for an arrest warrant search from Henry County, AL, doesn’t just look at the number of detention orders in the name of this person.

It would be prudent to use all the information, including details on charges filed against the accused and sentencing carried out in these matters. The amount of time spent in a state correctional facility by this person will tell you about how seriously and frequently he got himself involved in criminal cases.

Furthermore, it will also help to approach the clerk of court’s office to find out about any civil cases that were heard in favor of or against the subject. Because the county clerk’s department is in charge of managing the court dockets database, they can quickly get you records from the civil courts.

Remember that when you look for information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Henry County, you will only be given access to criminal history data from within this geographic area or the state of Alabama at the most. This means that if there are arrest warrants in the name of this individual in other states, you will have no way of finding out about them. For your search, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement agency: 101 W Court Sq Ste G, Abbeville, Alabama 36310
  • The county magistrate: 103 West Kelly, Abbeville, AL 36310
  • The clerk of court: 101 Court Sq Suite A, Abbeville, Alabama 36310


Is there any way to get information about Henry County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • (334) 585-3293- Call the Henry County jail for arrests-information, inmate search, services and visitation
  • (334) 585-3131- Call the Sheriff’s Department for arrest records, incident and accident reports
  • (334) 624-4334 – Call the Clerk of Court for judicial records inquiries:
  • (334) 677-4894 – Call the County District Attorney’s Office for victim’s assistance


Crime statistics of Henry County

The annual crime average of Henry County was 62 complaints in 2017. Of the total cases filed, property crimes accounted for 48, while violent crimes brought in 14 complaints.

Within these crime categories, larceny-theft (26 cases) and burglary (17 cases) accounted for the maximum number of property crime-related complaints. In the violent crimes category, aggravated assault (12 cases) had the highest occurrence rate.

Over 200 criminal matters are being reported in Henry County, Alabama, each year. Of these cases, only about 25 qualify as violent. However, the scenario looks grim for the area since these figures are about to rise drastically as the rates of violent and reported crimes have doubled.

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