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In order to fully understand the process the local authorities in Lee County, Alabama, are using in order to issue an arrest warrant, you need to first understand some legal terms. First of all, the initial stage of the arrest needs to be performed by the police department, by gathering sufficient evidence to sustain a probable cause in court. Once a sitting judge is able to clearly identify this cause and decide it has enough grounds for conviction, he will sign an arrest warrant.

This way, the warrant will turn into an active arrest warrant and become a part of the public warrant records in Lee County, AL. Sometimes, the law enforcement officers in Lee County might fail to execute the arrest warrant. This generally happens when the accused is nowhere to be found and because too much time has passed by since the warrant was officially activated. By this time, the warrant will become an outstanding warrant and it will lose its legal force.

As a side note, you should also know that most U.S. states will partially or completely refuse to recognize the force of arrest warrants recorded in Lee County, Alabama. If you are interested in doing a warrant search, you can start by checking out this link http://www.icrimewatch.net/search2.php?AgencyID=54018 featuring all published sex offenders in the Lee area. You could also contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 749-5651 and inquire about active warrants and wanted persons.

The 1999 – 2008 decade has witnessed a number of over 44,000 total crimes in Lee County, Alabama. About 10 percent of all of these crimes were reported as being violent. Moreover, around 2,000 crimes that occur on a yearly basis in the same County happen less than one mile from the victim’s home – which is half of the total number of crimes recorded during a year. Every 110 minutes, a murder, a rape or a theft occurs here.

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