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A Dallas County, AL active arrest warrant is nothing a directive from the judiciary to the local and national law enforcement agencies to apprehend an individual and present him before the court. A warrant is generally issued in cases where the crime does not occur in front of a peace officer and the police have to go through an investigative procedure to pinpoint the suspect.

For the county of Dallas all information pertaining outstanding arrest warrants is kept with the sheriff’s department. Apart from this, the county clerk’s office which maintains the court dockets as well as the magistrate’s court that authorizes the arrest order also have information pertaining to these detention decrees.

So those who are interested in a warrant search before making a hiring decision or would just like to know about the arrest records of a new acquaintance should approach the sheriff’s office in the county. They are located at 105 Lauderdale St, Selma, Alabama 36702. To call them use the contact number of the administrative division which is 334-874-2530.

To reach the office of the clerk of court for the very same information, you will need to visit 105 Lauderdale St. Selma, Alabama 36702-0987 or call on 334-874-2516. If you would lie to make a formal request for background information through mail, write to P O Box 987, Selma, Alabama 36702-0987.

The county court house which is home to the magistrate’s office as well as other judicial agencies is located at the same place as the county clerk’s office. However, you will need to call on 334-874-2102 to speak to a judicial representative.

In the 8 years, starting in 2000 and ending in 2008, almost 21,000 crimes were reported in Dallas County, AL. Of these, over 10% were instances of violent crime while others were property related misdemeanors. This works out to almost 2100 cases per month. The daily average of crime in the county is about 8 incidents and over the period mentioned above, there has been a reduction of almost 40% in the crime rates of Dallas.

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