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Before initiating an online or an offline search for arrest warrants issued in Montgomery County, AL, you should get some information about active arrest warrants, their legal character, and functioning mechanisms in Alabama.

First of all, the arrest warrants issued in Montgomery County, Alabama, are executed by the local law enforcement officers. They are responsible for the arrest and incarceration of the persons named on these warrants. But for this to happen, arrest warrants need to become active warrants, which occurs when the Montgomery court’s sitting judge will conclude that he or she has been provided with sufficient evidence that can prove the existence of a good cause. This will then lead to the signing of the arrest warrant by the judge, after which the warrant becomes active.

To check and see if you or someone close to you have active arrest warrants on their name or even an outstanding warrant issued in Montgomery County, Alabama, you can contact the Montgomery Police Department or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The Warrant Office processes about 500 arrest warrants per month. You may use this link to find the most wanted criminals in Montgomery County, AL, or use the software found here to locate all sex offenders in Alabama.


How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Montgomery County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Details about arrests can be found by calling · (334) 832-1316.
  • Judicial records can be obtained by calling (334) 832-1260.
  • Details about active warrants can be requested by calling (334) 832-4980.
  • Incident report and arrest report Involving Montgomery PD can be requested by calling (334) 240-4820.
  • Information pertaining to local criminal background search can be obtained by calling (334) 832-2508.
  • Victim’s assistance can be requested by calling (334) 832-2550.


Crime statistics of Montgomery County

Around 520 criminal complaints were made with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in 2019. Over 400 of the cases involved property offenses. This annual average was the sum of 230 larceny-theft complaints, 136 burglary complaints, and 28 car theft complaints. More than 110 complaints were filed against violent offenses, such as homicide and serious assault.

The years 1999 – 2008 highlight a decrease in the number of crimes in Montgomery County, Alabama, by almost 10 percent. However, there were no less than 150,000 total crimes reported in this county. Over 13,000 of these crimes were considered to be violent crimes. The County sees almost 8,000 crimes a year, and nearly 4,000 of them are committed less than a mile from the victim’s home. Every half an hour, a murder, a rape, or a motor vehicle theft occurs here.

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