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While several government agencies allow public members to conduct a Monroe County, Alabama, warrant search after making a formal request for such data, none of these offices have an online provision to look for records relating to arrest warrants. This can complete the task of searching for data on outstanding warrants utterly cumbersome.

An alternative is to use a third-party records vendor; you can find an extensive online database that is maintained privately but is as accurate as any government source by filling the form above. While an internet-based repository can make it infinitely simpler to look for arrest records from Monroe County, the only issue is that any background report procured from a private source cannot be used officially.

This means if you need information on any active warrants against a prospective employee, you will need to approach a state agency. Because the Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates that applicants have to be notified of criminal check results, you will have to go through a justice department. Three agencies furnish records about outstanding warrants from Monroe County:

  • The police: Courthouse, Monroeville, Alabama 36460
  • The clerk of court: P O Box 665, Monroeville, Alabama 36461
  • The magistrate’s court: 65 Alabama Ave, Monroeville, AL 36460

Usually, the sheriff’s office will be happy to part with data about the county’s overall crime scenario, including a most wanted list for the area. However, it can be near impossible to get the sheriff’s office to offer information on active warrants issued in ongoing matters. This is done to ensure that the offender does not use such details to escape from the law.


Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Monroe County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Call Jail Bookings at (251) 575-2635 for information on recent arrests.
  • Call the Monroeville PD at (251) 575-3246 for information on arrests made by them
  • Call the Sheriff’s Office at (251) 575-2963 for information about arrest warrants
  • Call the District Attorney at (251) 575-2067/ (334) 575-2067 for victim’s assistance
  • Call the Clerk of Court at (251) 743-2283 for judicial records


Crime statistics of Monroe County

In Monroe County, roughly 85 criminal complaints were lodged in 2019. Approximately 55 of them were for property offenses, such as larceny-theft (29), burglary (19), and motor vehicle thefts (8). Of the violent crimes reported, save for 2, all others were matters involving physical assault.

While only about 650 criminal complaints are lodged in Monroe County every year, almost 20% of these incidents are violent and give residents sleepless nights. Through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, nearly 30 sexual assault cases and ten complaints of homicide were filed in the area.

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