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A third party arrest warrant search from Choctaw County, AL, will get you details on all detention orders issued against this person, whether they are bench or active warrants. This is undoubtedly a fantastic approach to take when you are throwing your home or office doors open for new acquaintances. But, what about an inquiry in your name?

That question must have probably brought back a retort along the lines of- “I have never committed a crime, so why should I look for arrest records and active warrants in my name when there aren’t going to be any.” Wrong! Arrest warrants from Choctaw County can also be issued if somebody else is using your name and identity.

When this person is involved in a criminal matter, the police will seek a warrant against him in the name that they have been given or know. Now, if that happens to be your identity, the arrest warrant will come out against you. It should also be stated here that instances of identity theft are on the rise and these occurrences have the potential to put you in a lot of trouble.

So, enlist the help of the state agencies listed below to find out if you are a victim of such an offense. A lawyer will be able to sort out the whole murky business for you. If you fear arrest, you can always look for information on Choctaw County outstanding warrants for arrests online. Just fill the form on top of this page to access a privately maintained database of crime history.

  • Law enforcement agency: Crthse 117 S Mulberry St, Butler, Alabama 36904
  • The county magistrate: 117 S Mulberry Ave, Butler, AL 36904
  • The clerk of court: 120 Vickery St. Rm. 101, Heflin, Alabama 36264

With less than 50 criminal occurrences per annum, Choctaw County, Alabama, deserves a place in the list of the state’s lowest crime neighborhoods. From 2001 to 2008, only about 250 odd complaints were filed with the local police. However, in 50% of these cases, people were victimized when they were within a one-mile radius of their home or office.

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