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For finding information on Lawrence County, Alabama active warrants, you will have to head to Moulton town. Records about all criminal matters are not just maintained by the police but also the magistrate’s office and the county clerk’s department. However, these judicial agencies play a more passive role in the crime control procedure of the area.

The police conduct the investigation when a crime occurs; find the evidence in the matter, record testimony, and pinpoint the suspect before requesting an active warrant from the judiciary. Once they have enough information against a person in their hands, the law enforcement officers go to the magistrate’s court with a written affidavit requesting the release of a formal arrest order.

It is imperative to understand that while the release of a warrant will imminently lead to the arrest of the person in whose name it has been issued, police detention does not mandatorily have to occur under the provisions of such an order.

This means that peace officers can make an arrest even without a warrant. However, this can only be done when the person is taken into custody as he is committing the illicit act or is arrested from the crime scene. Regardless of how the arrest takes place, the arresting officers cannot detain an individual indefinitely.

Because all offenders will be taken in for a bail hearing in time after their detention, the judiciary also maintains arrest records and information on all outstanding warrants in Lawrence County. The magistrate’s court is in charge of releasing active arrest warrants while the county clerk’s office maintains the court dockets.

So, for your Lawrence County warrant search, you can go to:

  • The county clerk’s office: Lawrence County Court House, Moulton, Alabama 35650; tel no: 256-974-0663
  • The magistrate’s court: 14330 Court St, Moulton, AL 35650; tel no: 256-974-2440
  • The police: 242 Parker Road, Moulton, Alabama 35650; tel no: 256-974-9291


What phone numbers should you be dialing for a warrants search or arrests inquiry in Lawrence County? (2021-Update)

  • To get information on outstanding warrants, an accident report, incident report, or arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (256) 974-9291.
  • To get information about recent arrests and prisoner arrest records, call the Lawrence County Jail at (256) 974-2250.
  • To contact the Sheriff’s Department for general information, use the non-emergency phone number (256) 974-9292.
  • To get information on assistance provided to crime victims, contact the District Attorney at (256) 974-2446.
  • To get court dates for criminal cases and information on how to obtain criminal judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at (256) 974-2432.


Crime statistics of Lawrence County

In 2019, the annual crime rate of Lawrence County showed a marginal improvement as it decreased by 6%. The local police had received approximately 430 complaints in 2018, while they registered 399 criminal cases in 2019. Property crimes led to the filing of 351 complaints, while 48 cases were filed against violent crimes.

Lawrence County has a mediocre crime range, with annual figures of nefarious activities seldom going beyond the 400 marks. On average, one crime is reported per day in the area, and in most cases, the incident occurs when the victim is close to his home or workplace.

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