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A Russell County, Al active arrest warrant, while indeed not a verdict, sure does indicate that there is strong evidence with the police to implicate you for the crime. The release of the arrest decree also means that it will only be a matter of time before you are marched down to the precinct in handcuffs and all.

So, do not put yourself in a situation where you need to be apprehended by force, instead find out about any Russell County, AL active arrest warrants in your name and have the issue sorted out with the help of an attorney.

If you are trying to research this information on behalf of a relative or friend, there are three possible government agencies that you can approach:

The sheriff’s office: Located at 305 Prentiss Dr, Phenix City, Alabama 36869, the Sherriff’s department maintains a database of arrest records from all over the county and also has access to the statewide and national repository of arrest warrant information, so this is undoubtedly the best source for a warrant search.

The county clerk and magistrate’s offices: These are both judicial departments. While the magistrate’s office is responsible for issuing a warrant in Russell County, AL, the court clerk maintains the court dockets, which have all information about a criminal/civil matter brought before the judiciary.

To contact these agencies visit the county courthouse at 501 14th St, Phenix City, AL 36867.

If you are looking for personal arrest records and information on outstanding warrants in your name, it would be best to stay away from state agencies and avail the services of a third-party online service provider that maintains crime information from across the country.


Over the phone, how can you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Russell County? (2021-current)

  • Call the Russell County Jail Bookings phone line at (334) 298-8621 for information on recent arrests.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at (334) 298-6535 for information pertaining to warrants and criminal investigations (for victims only)
  • Call the Phenix City Municipal Court at (334) 448-2780 for information about arrest warrants.
  • Call the County District Attorney’s Office at (334) 298-6028 for victim assistance and information on protective orders.
  • Call the Russell County Courthouse at (334) 298-0516 for a case search.


Crime statistics of Russell County

Approximately 310 criminal complaints were filed in Russell County in 2019. Around 270 were for property offenses such as larceny-theft (158), burglary (70), and automobile thefts (40). Among the 40 complaints filed against violent crimes, there were 23 incidents of serious assault and 9 cases of rape.

Older crime statistics

Although there has only been a marginal increase of about 24% in the overall crime rates in Russell, AL, this does translate to almost 1300 incidents every year. Of these, nearly 110 are violent criminal transgressions that include such felonies as rape (nearly 70) and homicide (about 20).

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